DE Center for Health Promotion

The mission of the Delaware Center for Health Promotion (DCHP) is to encourage Delawareans to adopt healthier lifestyle habits in an effort to increase their quality of life and to reduce the incidence of preventable illness. DCHP is housed at Delaware State University, and is partially funded by corporate contributions and grants.  DCHP collaborates with allied health organizations to identify current health priorities and provide programming to address those needs.

About Delaware’s Health

Delaware currently ranks in the bottom half of the nation – #32 out of 50 states – according to the United Health Foundation, 2015. The following statistics identify the need to increase health promotion efforts in the First State:

  • In the past two decades, the prevalence of obesity among Delaware adults has doubled— from 14.4% in 1990 to 31% in 2015.
  • Currently, 66% of adult Delawareans are classified as either overweight or obese.
  • Only about 50% of adults meet the recommended level of physical activity.
  • About 80% are not consuming adequate amounts of fruits and vegetables daily.
  • While the smoking rate among adults has declined, ~20% of adults continue to smoke.

The First State Can Do Better!

DSU Inside Perspective – Heart Disease and Future DSU Smoking Restrictions 

This edition of DSU Inside Perspective – a video interview show hosted by Carlos Holmes –  features Marianne Carter, director of Delaware Health Promotion at DSU, who shares info about Million Hearts Delaware, a heart disease prevention campaign, as well as the related recently announced plan to increase the restrictions on smoking on the DSU campus.