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The College of Education, Health and Public Policy research involves projects that address issues in professional fields relating to education, social work and health-related sciences.

Educational Research    

Projects within the field of education discuss using language as a learning tool, providing quality STEM learning opportunities, and how scientific reasoning, learning and education shape our lives.

Community Health Initiatives  

These programs target behaviors including physical activity, smoking and nutrition through a community-based approach to positive health change.

Social Work and Our Community  

These programs take a new approach to social topics such as family, community, culture and financial health.

Student Opportunities

Each program within the CEHPP requires students to gain hands-on experience within their program of study.  These experiences provide students the opportunity to apply theory to practice and use those skills to enhance their knowledge base.   

  • Diverse Clinical Experiences: Students within CEHPP are required to complete clinical experiences, such as student teaching across the K-12 continuum, assisting social service agencies at the city, state or federal level, or training hands-on with patients, clients or athletes 
  • Undergraduate Research: Students have multiple opportunities to collaborate with faculty on diverse research projects in professional fields relating to education, social work and health-related sciences.