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Undergraduate Programs

Early Childhood Education, BS

Delaware State University’s Early Childhood program provides a high quality educational experience in working with children ages 3-8. With its heavy emphasis on direct, practical experience, the ECE major offers outstanding preparation for careers in teaching, research, administration, and related fields.

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Elementary Education (K-6), BS

The Elementary Education program at Delaware State provides outstanding career preparation for K-6 teachers. Students learn to teach all academic subjects, with extra emphasis on literacy and multicultural/multiethnic classrooms.

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Middle Level Education (6-8), BS

A Middle Level Education degree from Delaware State provides a competitive edge in the job market. Students in our program are required to develop two subject-area concentrations, which makes them highly marketable. In addition, Delaware State offers specific preparation for teaching in diverse classrooms, where there is a nationwide shortage of middle-school teachers.

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Movement Science, BS

The Movement Science major’s theoretical and experiential approach enables students to develop the knowledge, skills, and abilities required for careers and graduate education in fitness, wellness, movement science, kinesiology, exercise science, and human performance.

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Nursing, BS

Delaware State’s undergraduate Nursing degree program features an unusually high degree of face-to-face interaction between instructors and students. Our nursing students work in smart classrooms and simulation labs, getting hands-on experience with electronic medication carts, computerized monitors, and other high-tech tools of the nursing profession.

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Physical Education, BS

Delaware State offers a Physical Education program for the 21st century. We are emerging as national leaders in the innovative “tactical” approach to physical education, a teaching model that organizes instruction around broad skills and strategies rather than individual sports.

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Public Health, BS

The Public Health graduate possesses a unique marketable set of skills required for employment in public health agencies, private and nonprofit agencies, worksite health promotion offices, HIV prevention, and many other public health-related careers.

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Social Work, BSW

Upon graduating from the BSW program at Delaware State University, students are prepared to demonstrate the knowledge, values and skills integrated in the ten core competencies and all 41 practice behaviors when working in diverse practice settings with individuals, families, groups, organizations, and communities.

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Graduate Programs

Educational Leadership, EdD

Delaware State University’s Doctor of Education (Ed. D.) in Educational Leadership program prepares educational leaders for prominent leadership and service positions in School Districts and Higher Education sectors.

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Educational Leadership, MEd

Delaware State University’s Master of Education (M. Ed.) in Educational Leadership program prepares educational leaders for prominent leadership and service positions in Schools and other educational institutions.

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Social Work, MSW

The MSW program at Delaware State University has one concentration - advanced generalist practice.  Accordingly, the program prepares students for advanced practice with individuals, families, groups, organizations, and communities.

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