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Socially Conscious

A deep understanding of the values and ethics that guide social workers helps improve the quality of life for individuals, families and communities. 

Department of Social Work

The mission of the Department of Social Work is to prepare culturally competent professionals guided by values, ethics, and evidence-based practice for professional and leadership roles, thus enhancing the quality of life of individuals, families, groups, communities, and organizations in a global society.

The Department’s goals are to:

  • prepare social work practitioners to develop an understanding of the importance of a Black perspective based on strengths-based empowerment approach for social work practice;
  • prepare culturally competent professionals guided by values and ethics who are capable of promoting social and economic justice when working with diverse and at risk populations in a global society;
  • prepare practitioners for evidence-based professional practice and leadership roles; and
  • educate students to think critically and to evaluate their own practice.

Advanced Standing Credits

Applicants who have graduated from a Bachelor of Social Work Degree Program accredited by the Council on Social Work Education may receive up to a maximum of twenty-eight (28) credits applied toward the MSW degree at the time of admission, if they meet the requirements for regular status. This option may be an acceptable alternative for applicants who do not meet the requirements for Advanced Standing. If admitted under regular status, these individuals may receive advanced standing credits for all undergraduate foundations courses with grades of “B” or better earned within the last five (5) years. This option is granted on an individual basis. Advanced standing credit will not be considered for practice courses or field practicum. Applicants seeking advanced standing credits may be required to submit course syllabi from their undergraduate courses.